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Im Jannes, I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems, by now I am a DevOps Engineer.
Previously I have worked with Java, Android, Ruby, Python, am a Hobby 3D Designer and proud owner of a CR10s Pro 3D Printer.

Just around Winter 2019 I started getting into 3D Design and rebuild an SFF PC Case using files I got online from an open source project called “SmallSource SFF Case”. You can find them on discord.

Starting 2020, I got into 3D printing, basically just for the case. I couldnt find a place to print the parts I needed for an affordable price, so i took the leap and just bought myself a 3D Printer.

Since then, a friend of mine and I found Eckharts Elektronik Ecke, offering 3D-Printing Services and Service Hosting on our own Server using Docker and Magic. 😉

We have worked on different kinds of small combinations of electronics and 3d printed parts, some of which you can check out over at:


We also have a youtube channel, where we will be posting more frequently soon^tm


By now, we modified the shit out of the CR10s Pro, printed around 80 kilos of filament, ranging from PLA, ABS, PETG to TPU.

Stay tuned for more!

Following are the posts that originally were on my own website: