A new member of the PC-Community

One of my friends wanted to join the PC-Family after years of only using consoles to game and asked me to build her a Cube 1.0 Case, too!

So I started printing her the corner parts. Good thing then, that I still had all .stl files and just had to slice the parts again, eliminating possible settings change errors from older gcode files. I also wanted to print it in PETG this time around.

My research about finding laser cutting services happened to be a dead end in Germany – as they dont do it for a price, that I´d be okay with.

So next thing I´ll buy is a laser cutter 😀

As we did not have access to a laser cutter anymore, we had to cut the panels manually.
For the closed sides that was relatively easy, but for the front fan cover we replaced the line-holes by just drilling A LOT OF HOLES in the panel. For the GPU-sidepanel we ended up cutting a big hole and fitting a 3d-printed replacement inside.

While this was pretty janky, it did fit in the end and boots, too!

Here are some photos of the result:

She drew all the logos and characters herself with acrylic pens.

2022 Update:

She now uses my old sidepanel instead of the cut, 3d printed and glued one.

And I still dont have a laser cutter 🙁

2022 Update: Cube 2.0 – revisited

Starting this year, I reconnected with a friend from way back and he got an idea for my Cube 2.0 – laying the sfx psu flat on the bottom of the case, instead of sideways inside the case.
Which in itself I knew would be a better idea, but would also mean I had to make the case longer and wider – which I did not want until looking at the RX 6000 GPUs custom designs…
By the way, you can check out his blog over at: https://koneko.at/

Again a few renders:

2021 Update: The Idea of Cube 2.0

I used the case for nearly 2 years now, only changed the PSU to an SFX one and mounted it with a 3d printed adapter.
But I started designing an updated version: “Cube 2.0”.

While germany ordered quarantine for everyone, i had time to think about how the case could be improved.

My thoughts were:

  • Eliminate the riser cable
  • SFX PSU compatibility, as a larger PSU wouldnt be needed anyway
  • More space for cooling, in my Case the large AF Scythe Mugen 5 cooler i had laying around from my previous case (Lian Li A05B)
  • Better airflow – which kind of got destroyed by my idea of keeping the case cube-like and small
  • This time: actually include the front-IO ports to the offside

For this, i moved the PSU from under the motherboard, lowered the tray as far as i could and keeping openings for airflow underneath.
I redesigned the backside – which until now is the biggest problem, as I dont know yet, if the parts will fill as good as they did before redesigning.
Furthermore I designed a custom adapter for the PSU mounted to the offside of the Case.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Wont fit a 25mm fan in front, if the GPU is longer than 280-ish mm.
  • Aiflow is probably pretty bad, but still better then the old case, as air may now flow in a line across the parts, instead of only being pushed on the motherboard and then pushed out the back and sucked out from the front fan.

Since I did not have access to a laser cutter anymore, without sacrificing a few years of my life by inhaling acrylic fumes – I did only 3d print the parts I thought i was going to use.

Here are some renders again:

Cube Case 1.0

In Germany the SFF-Community is still pretty small and shipping SFF-Cases from America to Germany is costly and slow. So I thought: Why not make my own SFF-Case and get to know CAD-Design while at it.

So with the help of some people online, I overhauled a 3d-printed and laser-cut sff pc case design by Gunnar Bjorkman.
Special thanks to him for the basis: https://gunnbjork.com/cases/

After altering Gunnars design, having to change some of the imperial measurements and wanting to change some other aspects, i ended up with my own design. I kept the general aesthetics and mounting systems.
As i wanted to upgrade my hardware soon to, I extended the case, did my own airflow-cutouts and built some options for the sides to choose from.

Here are some renders


  • 300mm GPU
  • full ATX PSU
  • iTX Motherboard
  • 3.5 inch HDDs and 2.5inch SSDs
  • 140mm Fans (0 – 4, based on the panel I/You choose)


As only the corners are 3D-Printed, every side panel can be changed and the interior plates can be made out of what you want!

  • changeable side panel designs for better cooling
  • side panel material

I chose a closed top and “offside” panel made from acrylic in black, darkened transparent and milky white.

Next, I´ll be printing the corners and cutting the acrylic panels and after weeks of waiting and fine tuning the case, finally assemble it!

The Final Assembly

With the finished design and a prototype build , I got the idea of selling this online.
SPOILER: that did not work out.