Fixing phones

So a friend asked me to save his phone from a bootloop. He updated his Mi A1 with lineageOS from inside android and since then it stuck on boot.

As Im a good friend and had flashed quite some phones before, I accepted. Mind you, also rescued half of mine after flashing them the wrong way…

He had already unlocked the bootloader (which differs between manufacturers) but i couldnt enter the TWRP recovery, which prevented me from copying the installers to the phone.

Well, it seems like some of the new phones like this Mi have 2 boot partitions now and switch these between reboots, if not flashed correctly. Yay.

While at it, I decided on rooting it, too, before using it for too long, as the root process includes wiping some partitions.

I took some wrong turns here and there, as always with this stuff, but what i did, and what worked was:

  • boot to bootloader
  • flash boot partition(s) with twrp image
  • reboot to twrp, to check if its still working
  • copy lineageOS, Open_gApps and Magisk to phone
  • install OS, then gApps, then Magisk – which took me way longer to figure out, than i wanted
  • dont reboot inbetween!
  • reboot after installing all zips
  • profit

Honestly, i wasnt sure, if it would boot, but it does!

Resources – obviously differing from phone to phone, but the steps are the same.