A new member of the PC-Community

One of my friends wanted to join the PC-Family after years of only using consoles to game and asked me to build her a Cube 1.0 Case, too!

So I started printing her the corner parts. Good thing then, that I still had all .stl files and just had to slice the parts again, eliminating possible settings change errors from older gcode files. I also wanted to print it in PETG this time around.

My research about finding laser cutting services happened to be a dead end in Germany – as they dont do it for a price, that I´d be okay with.

So next thing I´ll buy is a laser cutter 😀

As we did not have access to a laser cutter anymore, we had to cut the panels manually.
For the closed sides that was relatively easy, but for the front fan cover we replaced the line-holes by just drilling A LOT OF HOLES in the panel. For the GPU-sidepanel we ended up cutting a big hole and fitting a 3d-printed replacement inside.

While this was pretty janky, it did fit in the end and boots, too!

Here are some photos of the result:

She drew all the logos and characters herself with acrylic pens.

2022 Update:

She now uses my old sidepanel instead of the cut, 3d printed and glued one.

And I still dont have a laser cutter 🙁

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